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Bonded Leather, Reconstituted Leather, Leatherboard and Ground Leather are all names used for what is a very environmentally friendly product. It is manufactured by milling waste leather and bonding with latex etc. to produce sheets or rolls in a wide range of thicknesses. When made up into various products it can look, feel and even smell like real leather but at a fraction of the cost.
At our Little Addington factory we coat and grain all types and qualities of Bonded Leather. We offer a good range of standard colours and grains and if the order is of a reasonable size we will even match your required colour. One big advantage with this product is that you get one hundred per cent cutting area which enables you to make exact costings for material content.
Sheet sizes vary slightly according to different qualities but they are usually either 107cm x 150cm or 100cm x 145cm. Thickness ranges from 0.6mm to 3.00mm. All prices are per square metre. There is a choice of either natural coloured or dyed through black sheets, which will be the colour of the reverse side, and the edges after cutting, this does not affect the required colour you want for the face side.
Although we hold good stocks of unfinished sheets, we do not keep any coated sheets in stock, so delivery time must be allowed. We do however keep certain coated rolls ready for delivery, ring for further information.
Why not give us a ring and tell us you proposed application and we will suggest a material to do the job and produce a sample for your trial.
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